About us

Over the years of experience in designing at every scale (from furniture and small architecture, through interiors and buildings, to spatial planning and the design of public spaces and visual information), we have understood that we cannot continue to carelessly design for a world with such complex problems, that we face globally today.

Design requires more and more restraint from us – architects and designers.

We should not design more, but design less.

We should not encourage clients to expand their space, but to limit themselves.

Jakub Gwizdała, CEO of thinkingarchitects

In the face of the challenges that the so-called „free market” poses to us, we decided to clearly declare our design manifesto: we design as little as possible, with an emphasis on the greatest possible satisfaction of customers and users of our spaces.

This is not possible without changing the way of thinking on the part of customers. Therefore, the key stage of designing with us is a conversation about the problems of today’s world: the climate crisis (which is not a crisis, but a permanent change in global conditions), poverty, social inequalities.

We have our point of view on todays World problems and we strive to ensure that our clients adopt a similar one and therefore take the appropriate action related to their investment intentions.

We do not care about the largest possible projects, we do not want to provide you with as many products and materials as possible, as many designers are doing. We consider this a not entirely ethical process. But this is what You will meet in the most of architectural companies, which, obviously, need to earn on designing more.

However, this also requires understanding what you, as a customer, will pay us for. You will pay us to save yourself and the ecosystems a lot. We will work on a huge shift in Your thinking about the World, and that is the biggest design challange that we face.

If You would like to talk about your actions, please contact us: office@thinkingarchitects.com