Our aim is to innovate in design

for real sustainability

We merge smart thinking about design with an understanding of the challenges of today’s world, in the face of constant climate change and problems of social inequality.

a social units for refugees

We designed a set of simple temporary dismantable living units for refugees as social individual units added to the public buildings in metropolis

We shape the designs for the future

To undersatnd future, it’s needed to understand what happens now.

We shape the future thinking in sustainable design

Architectural and urban design

we design „only what is needed”. If you want to design your building with us – contact us.

Interior design

not everyone can afford the luxury of true resignation. We design interiors in the spirit of „luxurious austerity”, in line with sustainable development, with a friendly brand – umiar studio (in english – umiar=limit)

Product design

If You have a product to design, we recommend to re-think it together with our innovative AI-based cooperation. We help to develop products, both material, and non-material.

Service, process and user experience design.

We can design a process or service for Your brand, with the aim of optimisation of workflow or costs or to obtain best results for Your vision.

Social point of view

In the conversation about our common project, we will talk about the social aspects of the actions You plan to take. Consider it as a new standard of thinking about the World.


We cannot forget, that even in design area one can very often meet a greenwashing projects. We really divert what is only a word „green” from what is green in reality. It doesn’t have anything to do with the colours or plants on the building.

acting wisely in a complex world

Regardless of whether you are furnishing an apartment, building a house, running a company or investing on a large scale –

– we believe that we can bring wise thinking about the environmental and social sustainability of your actions to every stage of realisation.

thinking blog about crisis in architecture

  • Opinions on today’s architecture
  • Influencing others
  • re-shape way we design
Tourist taking photo of a building
Windows of a building in Nuremberg, Germany

thinking architects – newsletter

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Annie Steiner

CEO, Greenprint

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